Patient Benefit and Eligibility Verification

Provide real time benefit and verification eligibility. We will also attempt to get any referral needed for the patient’s first visit.

Claims Processing

 Enter claims and submitting them to insurance in a timely and efficient manner.

Claims Follow-up/Appeals

Provide claims follow-up on a monthly basis. Any claims needing appeal will submit the appeal within the appeal time frame of the patient’s policy.

Payment Posting

Post all insurance and patient payments in accordance with our contract and method of payment receipts Medical Practice chooses.

Patient Statements/Billing Issues

Print and mail all patient statements on a monthly basis. TMAS, LLC will provide soft collection methods for past-due balances on patient accounts. TMAS, LLC will also make available to all patients a dedicated phone line for contacting us to resolve any balances or billing issues as necessary.

Office Forms/Procedures

    When necessary, HRS will implement or create office forms for in-house use. This will include such things as office encounter forms (coding updates), Assignment of benefits form and ARF (Authorized Representative Form used for patients with ERISA health benefits), financial hardship agreements and any other form needed by the practice.

Insurance Company Participating Provider Contract/Fee Schedule Review

Maintain copies of all provider contracts along with the appropriate fee-schedule when made available to us. We will review all contracts and fee-schedules on a yearly basis with a report to be provided to the practice.

Practice Management Reports

Provide Medical Practice with full practice management reports on a monthly basis. We’re flexible and will commit to a monthly meeting at the client’s request. Monthly reports will include a full Accounts Receivables report, full claims report of submitted, pending and outstanding insurance claims and a patient accounts receivables report. Additional customized reports will be available upon request and within the allowance of the practice management system utilized by Medical Practice.

HIPAA Compliance Review

    TMAS, LLC has a compliance specialist ready to assist your practice with staying compliant to federal and state laws. We would do an overview of your plans and practice setup, then decide what changes would best fit. This is offered upon request.


Make sure providers licenses are up to date and help with any new enrollment or revalidation process.